The ASSOCIATION ALTEA ESPAÑA is a non-profit organization whose objectives include the training of professionals and volunteers who work in the social field, and the development of research lines which help to improve the quality of services in this field.
With such objectives, it has been considered necessary since the beginning in 1996 to enter collaboration agreements with universities, to establish, a process of initial and in-service training in a logical way.

Responding to these needs our activities are structured in: IN-SERVICE TRAINING: Lifelong learning is an essential element of employment strategies, not only for competitiveness and employability, but also for social inclusion.

  • Training and employability workshops
  • Vocational training for employment (addressed to employed or unemployed workers)
  • International mobility projects within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program.
RESARCHES: Projects under European Union Programs.
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Development cooperation activities.
OTHER ACTIVITES: Organization of national and international seminars and conferences.

  1. Assistance and social action in the areas of its field of intervention.
  2. Actions that allow children, teenagers, young, elderly, women and persons with disabilities of any origin and condition, who suffer or might suffer social discrimination, to become part of Europe’s building.
  3. The social and professional insertion of disadvantaged and marginalized youth.
  4. The spreading of a climate of favorable opinion towards discriminated youth.
  5. The training of workers and volunteers of social action.
  6. To be an instrument of collective reflection and decision making for vulnerable and disadvantaged sectors, and a representative voice of public, state and local administrations.
  7. The promotion of events, meetings, conferences and courses in social action.
  8. The research in social action, its publication and dissemination.
  9. Carry out as many activities connected or associated with the former ones.
  10. Develop national and international development cooperation programs, and carry out actions in accordance with the principles, objectives and priorities of international cooperation for development.

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