Training and Employability Workshops

Training and Employability Workshops
The training and employability workshops are training tools introduced by the local government, under the former Operational Program of the Valencian Community, as a way to develop “individual itineraries of insertion”, aimed at groups with special difficulties to access the labor market, to facilitate their integration in the workforce, through actions that combine counseling and vocational training, active job search, and finally, insertion. This training tool still remains valid today as maintained by the local government under the 2007-2013 Operational Program, aimed at groups that are in an objective situation of great difficulty to access the labor market, in order to facilitate their full social integration. In that regard, these workshops are addressed to the groups of persons with disabilities, persons in risk of social exclusion and immigrants.

  • COMPUTER USER. Disabled persons. 500 hours. From 08/24/2009 to 12/18/2009.
  • COMPUTER USER. Disabled persons. 500 hours. From 09/01/2009 to 02/10/2010.
  • GERIATRIC NURSING ASSISTANT. Immigrants. 500 hours. From 09/14/009 to 01/28/2010.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. Persons in risk of social exclusion. 500 hours. From 08/25/2009 to12/18/2009.
  • PAINTER. Persons in risk of social exclusion. 500 hours. From 08/26/2009 to 12/21/2009.
  • PAINTER. Group: Persons in risk of social exclusion. From August 18th to December 15th of 2008.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. Group: Women. 500 hours. From July 2nd to October 30th of 2007.
  • COMPUTER USER. Group: Disabled persons. 467 hours. From July 2nd to October 30th of 2007.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. FTF05/2006/227/03. Group: Women. 467 hours.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. Group: Women. 467 hours.
  • OFFICE AUTOMATION. Group: Women. 467 hours.
  • COMPUTER USER. Group: Disabled persons. 500 hours.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. FTF05/2004/118/03. Group: Women. 367 hours.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. FTF04/2003/117/03. Group: Young under 25 years old. 329 hours.
  • SOCIOCULTURAL MONITOR. Workshops: 2002.
  • OFFICE AUTOMATION. Workshops: 2002.

Training Workshops for Hiring

In recent years, the local Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment along with the local Ministry of Education have developed and carried out professional qualification programs addressing people aged between 16 and 25, allowing the participants in the individualized itineraries for insertion, their first introduction to the labor market. The policy change in the Organic Law 2/2006, implementing the initial professional qualification programs forced an end to the former program. However, the local Ministry of Economy Finance and Employment adjusted in 2008 the previous measure, in order to design training workshops for hiring as an effective way to assist the participants in the workshops to improve their employability. For the same purpose, this mixed model of training and employment was integrated into the Operational Program 2007-2013 of the Valencian Community, thus being co-financed by the European Social Fund.

On the other hand, the Training Workshops for Hiring are a measure explicitly mentioned in the Valencian Agreement for Growth and Employment, signed in September 2008 between the Valencian Government and the most representative unions and employer’s organizations of the region, as an important instrument to reduce the number of people leaving school and allow young students to obtain at least basic qualifications.

Workshops have a structure combining a mixed program of training and employment, basic and specific training, career guidance and a part-time employment contract agreed with the beneficiary entity.

  • Support activities for Agriculture. 2009. 900 hours. From 10/27/2009 to 05/31/2010.
  • Building repair and maintenance. 2009. 900 hours. From 11/23/2009 to 06/03/2010.

Workshop Schools, Career Centers, Employment Workshops and Promotion and Development Units

Programs of workshop schools, career centers and employment workshops are designed as mixed programs of employment and training, aimed at improving the employability of the unemployed, through the realization of jobs of general or social interest, that will enable student workers to carry out an effective development, which, along with the vocational training received, will improve their professional qualification and facilitate their insertion into the labor market. The promotion and development unities are set up as multidisciplinary teams working together in the preparation, support and evaluation of the Workshop Schools, Career Centers and Employment Workshops.

Since the Valencian Government took over in 1999, the management in our region of the Workshop Schools, Career Centers and Promotion and Development Units Program over 27,000 student-workers have participated in these mixed projects of training and employment. This initiative has been consolidated over the years, as a program that promotes a lifelong learning culture, through the training commitment of public institutions, businesses, and the whole Valencian society.

The joint effort which is being developed through this program is enabling the Workshop Schools and Career Centers, aimed at unemployed persons under 25, helped over 80% of the students find employment. The Employment Workshops helped over 60% of the students find employment.

Employment Workshop. Retraining Workshop.
  • PAINTER. Persons over 25 years. 1.920 hours. From 12/29/2009 to 12/28/2010.

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